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Firebird DAO
We are excited to announce that we are advancing our mission at KIWI to evolve, and develop Firebird DAO, Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains functioning on both the ETH blockchain, and L2 (ETH Layer 2). Firebird will consume and consolidate. The initial project will begin with the initial airdrop to PYRO holders (snapshot taken) and KIWI community (ongoing, no snapshots). KIWI + PYRO => FBIRD is the official initiation. Firebird will allow you to convert your KIWI to FBIRD, however, this is not a mandatory requirement. As a fully decentralized project, KIWI will stay around forever. The purpose of the DAO is to supplement KIWI and other aligned projects by providing a new category of opportunities such as yield farming and creating a fully decentralized and creative DeFi community. Firebird works with KIWI on a parallel path. After much discussion with the core team, we found it to be a crucial decision to offer the ability to incorporate the community’s ideas towards unlocking, and expanding the full potential for KIWI. The DAO will start with airdrops to the KIWI>Firebird swap program. KIWI can be converted to FBIRD by sending to the Firebird DAO (FBIRD) burner address. The DAO will develop and announce more opportunities to convert your existing assets or benefit from your involvement in progressive projects. Contract creation date: 2021–02–28 Smart contract: Polygon PoS contract: Decimals: 18 Symbol: FBIRD Token tracker Mainnet: Token tracker Polygon: Please refer to for the latest update.
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